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What to Know About Healthcare Credentialing – Funny Insurance Claims

Examine the credentials of every health care provider to ensure they’re accredited, licensed and are able to perform the tasks required to provide care to patients. A majority of hospitals must make sure their healthcare providers have proper credentials in order to process insurance claim. Even if some clients do not have insurance or are paying through the pocket, credentials are essential for providing broad access to care.

From a financial standpoint From a fiscal perspective, most organizations cannot receive reimbursement for provided services from the insurance companies, including Medicaid/Medicare, when they do not have medical credentials. If you are beginning the process of getting credentialed in healthcare, keep in mind that each insurer requires different evidence and forms. They will require complete applications to each insurance company which you’d like to work with. the absence of a single element of information can delay acceptance by several weeks or even months. Many major insurers need partner institutions to be certified by the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare. They also have to fill out their own forms.

Once you’ve submitted your application to insurance companies then wait for them approve. This can take some time. If you discover errors in the employee’s information, it’s important notifying the insurer. If they discover the incorrect data before you make a formal correction there could be reason for them to revoke the employee’s license.
Credentialing renewal is mandatory for the majority of service providers once every three years.

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