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How to Find a Good Auto Collision Repair Shop – Custom Wheels Direct

Locate a reputable auto collision shop that will repair your vehicle quickly. Continue reading to learn how you can spot an excellent repair facility.

Check for certifications first. If you are in the waiting room of the repair shop or browsing their site, browse for certifications and look around to see the certifications they hold such as AAA or BBB. Even if they’re certified does not necessarily mean they’re an excellent shop, however it’s an excellent place to start.

Second, is the shop clean? Although it may not be always clean due to the nature of and extent of their work, however it needs to be neat and tidy. You want an organized shop to repair your car, not one in which there is oil and tools all over the floor.

The third is, are they asking many questions? Though it may be annoying asking more questions, it will increase the reliability of your vehicle. If the shop doesn’t have any inquiries it is difficult to tell if you’re on the exact same page with the shop.

For more tips on finding an excellent auto collision repair service, check out this video!


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