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Delicious and Adorable Spring Recipes – Food Talk Online

The season is upon us! Enjoy it with pastels by decorating your living space with florals and different colors. Gather the children together and enjoy spring by baking, cooking, and food decoration. If traditional egg decorating just isn’t enough kitchen time for you and your children this year. Try several new recipes that are spring themed! This video will show you how to make some gorgeous and delicious springtime desserts. Let’s get started!

Baking bread can be extremely fun and relaxing. So get your children involved in the baking process using basic bread flour, yeast, oil, olive, and flour. When your dough has been formed three times and is now ready to bake it is possible to add edible flowers or decorative herbs to it while it’s being spread out on a baking pan. Once it’s baked, you have an adorable miniature edible work of art! Make some regular cupcakes, decorated with a flower idea to look like flowers. Set them all onto cake sticks, and you’ll have a cute little bouquet of floral cupcakes. In the end, cover a dome cake and create one of the fondant bunnies, then add white and coconut chocolate to make the perfect bunny cakes!


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