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walls. Although some find them unattractive and tacky, other require them to assess their fitness levels. Did you ever wonder how these massive mirrors get put up? You’re looking to mount one of your own? Well, this video walks us through the procedure of mirror and glass installation for an enormous bathroom mirror.

When installing a mirror first, it is necessary to possess the correct tools. Drill, driver and hammer are all you need to install the mirror. Hardware needed to hang an industrial-sized mirror is almost always provided with purchase, so it is not necessary to purchase any of that up. It is necessary to wash the wall where you are planning to install the mirror using an aerator. This will ensure that the adhesive can be properly cured when the mirror is positioned on the wall. Draw with your pencil an outline of where the mirror should be placed. Make holes for the mirror’s back, then add some thick circles of glue on the back of the gym mirror, and very cautiously position it on the wall in an angle, so it can rest on the J-bar you’ve provided. Once it’s done clean it up with a wash and you’ll be able to enjoy your newly-created fitness mirror!


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