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Why You Dont Want to Get Electrocuted – Entertainment Videos

Ds is the acronym for “electric” which is also known as “execution”. That means electricity may cause deaths. Electric shock is a less severe form of the word. The majority of us have experienced some level of electric shock. Electric shocks range from minor tingles, to a burning sensation. Electricity can certainly be dangerous. Therefore, it’s recommended to contact an experienced electrician. In this short video, you will be able to understand more about electrocution.

Electric shock refers to a stream of electrical charge that flows through a single object and then your body. The charge can consist from ions and electrons. Our bodies already use electrons moving through membranes to send signals. The membranes may react too strongly when the current is excessive. The result could be burning, muscle contractions and seizures.

The person who is breathing can be stopped and be shocked by taking 20mA. Furthermore, 100mA is enough to stop a heart from beating. Voltage and resistance are key components in the way that current is taken in by the body. The skin shields you from some voltage, however any voltage that is higher than 500 volts can pierce through your skin and cause your heart to stop. This is why electricity has to be treated with caution.


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