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What Should You Include in Your Home Tequila Bar? – Bread Columbus

A variety of tequilas you can select for your tequila bar.

In the past, tequila has been highly sought-after. There are over 800 types of tequilas available today. Tequila is made from blue agave plants and distilled into alcohol using a sophisticated distillation process , which involves fermentation and maturation. The area in which the agave was cultivated and harvested affects how it tastes. A few people drink it straight from the bottle and others like mixing it into drinks.

There are many types of tequila. They vary widely in price, flavor, strength the alcohol content, as well as serving sizes. Reposado also means “rest” in spanish, refers to aged oak barrels. Anejo can be aged for longer durations, usually in wooden casks. It also has better-quality Agave. Blanco also known as the least expensive, means fermentation was conducted in stainless steel tanks. Tequilas of all kinds can be described as smooth and have subtle differences. A tasting is the only way to find out the tequilas that differ.


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