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What Are Temperature Test Chambers Used for? – Geek Support Tech

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When testing is done within an environmental setting There are four main tests. Design Validation can be used to find out how a product would perform under normal temperatures as well as conditions during its entire life. This can be done by using the specifications of the product . This can be carried out during the RandD or manufacturing. It is the initial step to be sure your machine is able to function without failures. The purpose of this test is to see whether the machine will function in normal circumstances.

Next, they will follow then the Product Validation process. This requires the use of temperature chambers that like those employed in Design Validation. However, the purpose of this process is to predict the possibility of future problems or malfunctions in the design once it’s handed over to the client. Environment Test Screening is the next step. It uses thermal cycling and other stresses to cause problems. It typically will uncover details you might not find until years after.

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