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Understanding the Different Types of Tow Trucks – Car Crash Video

You have a deal. Learning about the pros and cons of each truck will enable you to choose the most suitable tow truck for your emergency.

Flatbed trucks, often referred to as rollbacks have flatbeds that are shifted with hydraulics. Automobiles are moved up the flatbed and dragged by chains when the car is broken down. The trucks are typically used during accidents and are an effective method of transporting vehicles. The largest vehicles, like buses and rugs can be carried by fitted tow trucks. These trucks are able to handle large charges during transportation.

Chain trucks and hooks can be used to haul abandoned or broken down vehicles, and because of the rough transportation method they are typically employed just for cars that are severely damaged. Wheel lift trucks are an alternative. It raises the vehicle to the point that the front tires can be lifted up in the back, while the front tires remain in the surface. It doesn’t cause harm like hook or chain trucks.

Knowing the various options available to you when calling an tow service is a great way to make stressful situations like accident-related car wrecks less difficult. Reduce the anxiety of knowing what you’ll do to maintain your vehicle by knowing which tow truck to choose.


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