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How To Maintain Your HVAC System – Home Efficiency Tips


To check for debris accumulating around the furnace, an inspection with a flashlight is an option. The buildup of dirt can lead to numerous problems that can result in large costs for customer. The next place to check for dust is the coils. It is recommended to check for oil staining by everyone. If you find oil stains the next inspection needs to be made. They may indicate that the technician made a mistake and put the oil onto the device. It could also be an indication of leaks in the system.

Before cleaning the coils, it is a smart idea to examine for signs of rust. A reliable technician will also check the mechanical connections to look for leaks or possible leaks.

The oil drain pan is another location that is required to be examined. You will need to look for foreign materials like rust or metals. These all point to a warrant for more investigation. In addition, the technician should clean the drain pan. This will ensure that your HVAC system is well-maintained.


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