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How to Clear a Clogged Drain – Awkward Family Photos

To everyone. Although regular drain cleaning is a good idea however, there are times when the issue may turn into a major issue. In this video, you’ll learn how to clear a blocked drain in order to bring your bathtub and shower working again.

To begin, you must remove that plate off the top. You can use a pair or pliers in order to get rid of the plate on the overflow in the event that the plate isn’t releasing easily as you pull it off. It is important to not damage it.

A drain snake is the next essential tool. You can get smaller versions for your home. Put it into the overflow. Use steady pressure to push it across the bends in the horizontal pipe.

You’ll be in a position to tell when the snake runs and you can tell when it’s escaped out of the trap. You can then pull the snake with your hands. If nothing happens when you pull it back, it could be able to dislodge the leak. To check if the water is draining more quickly, run some water.

If you’re not sure To be certain, you should run the snake some more times , with the water flowing. Examine the connector that is used to overflow for damage which could indicate that it is in need of replacement.

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