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How India Mitigates Landslides and Rockfall – Online College Magazine

The country is beautiful and colourful country with numerous natural monuments as well as beautiful scenery to be admired. But, these landmarks as well as the mountains and landscapes pose a risk to nearby people, because natural disasters like landslides are possible at any moment. Let’s examine how India can solve their issue with landslides and what it could do to set an example for other countries.

Landslides can be described as the abrupt movement of dirt, rocks as well as other components because of gravity or other factors. Landslides are frequent in regions with a lot of rocky terrain close to mountains and also natural factors like earthquakes can start a landslide. India is more prone to landslides than other nation due to the fact that it is close to the Himalayan tectonics and also has many residents who reside in areas that may be susceptible to their. But, India now has numerous ways to deal with these land slides, including the National Landslide Risk Management Strategy and the NIDM (National Institute for Disaster Management).

They have the ability to combat the natural disasters that cause landslides, thanks to the quick and effective actions taken by the Indian officials and the government. You can be assured that the issue with land slides is solved with these rockfall mitigation programs.


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