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Benefits of Taking a Driver Improvement Course – Auto Trader California

Find out what DMV Driver Improvement Courses are right for you. Are you facing a ticket and you want to reduce your fine? You may be able to come to a deal where you take the driver improvement class in exchange for a reduction of or elimination of your charges. That is, you may take advantage of the driver training course to bargain.

An improvement course for drivers before going to court could enhance your driving record. A driver enhancement course that is approved by DMV will help you increase your score with up to 5 points. The course for improving your driving could also lower the amount of your insurance premium if you’re insurer offers the option of a discount for such classes. When you have completed any of the classes, you’ll be awarded a Driving School Completion Certificate, which you have to present to the judge. It is also recommended to obtain an updated driver’s record transcript from the DMV to show the judge your records that reflect your updated point balance. 4am6qrxain.

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