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Attractions Near Lake Geneva WI to Look For – Entertainment News Today

op of Spots on the Lake Geneva WI. Lake Geneva WI

There is no way to even scratch the surface of the things that are to see close to Lake Geneva in WI. Lake Geneva has many entertainment sports, from theatres, live music, parks, beaches, and even museums. Brace yourself for a fun-packed vacation with these top nine entertainment attractions.

1. The Highlands Golf Course

If you’re in search of a golf course, you’ll likely find it within a nearby country club. This course, the Highlands Golf Course in Grand Geneva offers unforgettable beautiful views of green hills, a landscape inspired by Scots, and an 18-hole course. Later, you can dine and shop in Grand Geneva. Even if your home is noisy or fast, you will enjoy the peaceful natural environment.

2. Tristan Crist Magic Theatre

You could go to Tristan Crist Magic Theatre on a lazy afternoon and watch the illusionists do a variety of tricks which appear to be real. There’s no way to tire of the variety of tricks. The Theater is among the most popular attractions in Lake Geneva, WI, for locals and visitors. Your family and friends will be entertained for an entire hour with humor and fun.

3. Timber Ridge Waterpark

Timber Ridge Waterpark is a great entertainment destination that you should not be missing if travelling with your family. It’s a water park that is all-weather with a myriad of amenities that permit the outdoor and indoor games. Artificial rivers are available with high water slides, games for kids with heated pools, as well as arcade games. There is plenty to do throughout the time with your family at the resort. It includes dining and boarding alternatives.

4. Safari Lake Geneva

Safari Lake Geneva can be described as a protected area for wildlife that covers 75 acres. You can choose to have an outdoor adventure. There are a range of wildlife, such as domestic yak, muskrats, deer Oryx and turtles. It is an organized safari inside trucks. You will be provided with an animal food supply in the park.


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