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Antenna Installation –

ary for your television along with a variety of different electronic gadgets. There are several ways of mounting an antenna. In this piece we’ll examine antenna installation and a couple of ways it could go.

A j-pole is your first technique to take on antenna installation. A j-pole is a type of pole which you can connect on the edge or roof. It’s simple to put up the antenna because it will be right there. The pole needs to be erected in your roof. But, depending on how robust the connection it can be placed in your attic.

Another way you can install an antenna is to use a wall mount. This mount can be placed on the side of your home and it makes use of two brackets which hold up a pole. The antenna is placed in the pole. If the roof on your property has an overhang, you need to ensure that your brackets extend enough that the overhang isn’t in the way of the antenna.

In the end, these are just a few possibilities of how you could install an antenna.


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