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Actions to Protect You and Your Health – Nutrition Magazine

ternative heating source. Heating oil firms can increase efficiency of the heating system.

There may be a problem to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the entire day. It’s best to keep the primary spaces of the house between 64 to 70°F in the daytime, but keep the rest the property below 61°F in the evening. When you go to bed, be sure the temperature of your bedrooms is at least 65°F. To improve ventilation, you can open your door or window slightly in the event of a heater or the fire. Electric blankets may be perfect for keeping warm during the night, for certain but others might prefer not to use these blankets.

2. Wildlife Problems

The wild can be unpredictable and when they feel threatened an innocent looking animal will try everything to protect its own self. Thus, stay clear of stray wildlife encounters at all times. Most importantly, Centres for Disease Control and Prevention urge emergency animal removal if you see an animal that has died. Contact with some animals or bruises from their scratch and bits may spell disaster for your health.

Protecting you and your health is about avoiding wildlife-related attacks by stray animals at home as well as during your morning walk. Beware of exposing yourself to wildlife risks, for instance, photographing the bear that is in your backyard. Wildlife can cause illnesses. Salmonella is also carried by reptiles, such as snakes.

It is true that wild animals do great independently, with less or no contact with humans. When you come across a wild animal in your yard like a deer try not to feed it. If you don’t, you’ll draw deer into your house, putting at risk your family. Compound piles, fruit trees and trees attract wild animals like raccoons or bears. It is not necessary to get rid of all your fruit trees. You just need to be sure that you’re harvesting.


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