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A Look at Covid-19 Testing – Healthy Huntington

In this way, it is now an extremely important subject in our current society. We are required to be tested to prevent the spread of Covid. Being tested sounds simple enough but what’s the science to back it up? We’ll be discussing tests for covid-19 within this article.

A PCR test is a test that is used to figure out whether or not you suffer from covid. A PCR test involves the swabbing nose. Because the virus is present there and it’s crucial to get back as far as possible.

The Guardian says that the covid virus composed of an RNA. RNA differs from DNA because it has only one strand, whereas DNA has two. The RNA from a PCR is then duplicated so that it can be made into DNA.

The DNA forms tests, the samples are analyzed with primers that connect to the virus. Researchers may examine DNA samples to see whether the primers have been attached. This is evidence of covid.

The process of being tested for covid is complex, but it is clear the importance of it.


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