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8 Tips for the Social Security Disability Application Process – Legal Terms Dictionary

Keep these eight suggestions in head as well.
1. Medical Treatment

You should keep your complete medical record of your medical treatment with no interruptions. Many judges will point out inconsistencies as a cause for concern.

2. Firm Diagnosis

In the case of claimants who don’t possess a clear diagnosis, their claims will be more difficult to prove.

3. When prescribed, make sure to take the medication.

A lawyer must be able to prove that you’ve received medications from your doctor in order to treat an illness or disability.

4. Medical language translation due to limitations in work capacity

It is not enough to be suffering from a chronic disability. The disability must be evident in the way it impacts your ability to work.

5. Make sure you practice your hearing before 6. Avoid going on your own. Do not engage in drug-seeking

If you believe you’re looking to purchase medication for recreational purposes, judges can deny your request.

8. You are not entitled to

Judges will want to know that you’ll take any step to be sure that you comply to the social security disability law.


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