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8 Things to Consider Before Your Divorce – EDUCATION WEBSITE

hidden, as under the rug, if nobody takes the initiative to check them.

How Judges Decide which of the Children

It’s equally important to understand what elements are taken into consideration by judges when placing a child. A majority of judges say they base their decisions on the child’s greatest needs. They take into account elements like financial situation, criminal record as well as the lifestyle and the physical condition of every parent.

What children say

Certain states consider the desires of children once they turn a particular age. It is important to check the state of your residence to see if it has such laws. Determine if children can testify before the court on which caretaker would be best for the child. Sometimes speaking to the child about what they’d like may reveal something neither had ever realized was the norm.

The next step is learning about the system and being educated so you don’t get blindsided.

3. What happens to Your House?

Understanding what happens to your house is another one important things to have in order before the divorce to ensure that you don’t lose your mind. Courts will be required to determine if you and your spouse can reach an amicable deal regarding who gets your home. You won’t be allowed to sell a house in the event of a divorce until you’ve signed an agreement to support the sale.

Typically, the court looks at all assets and determines whether they are non-marital or marital. The non-marital property is anything that you owned prior to marriage which your spouse has no right to claim.

In accordance with the laws of your state, the court is required to split marital assets. Thus, you may or may not get the house. If you do not receive the home It is crucial to prepare for an alternative.

4. Do you have other property that you should be concerned about?

Your pet might require care.


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